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Low Carb Sprouted Mung Bean Salad

Healthy and low carb "bhel"

This recipe is nutritious and delicious at the same time. It is a good balance of your carbs and protein making it an ideal meal idea. By sprouting the moong or mung beans, we amp up the health benefits of an already healthy ingredient. Adding some healthy peppers and cucumbers make this dish crunchy and nutritious. This dish can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Try this out and let us know which meal do you eat this the most.


Nutrition Information of Key Ingredients (WW points - 2 per serving)

*Note: Nutrition information may vary slightly. Nutritional information is negligible for all other ingredients


Serving Size - 1

Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 5 mins


  1. Sprouted Moong / Mung Bean - 1/2 Cup

  2. Onion: 1/4 Cup

  3. Chopped Bell Pepper - 1/4 cup

  4. Chopped Cucumber - 1/4 cup

  5. Cilantro (Optional) - 2 tbsp

  6. Ghee - 1 tsp

  7. Cumin /Jeera Powder - 1 tsp

  8. Coriander / Dhania Powder - 1 tsp

  9. Chilli Powder - 1 tsp

  10. Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

  1. In a pan add ghee and wait till it is warm

  2. Add onions and saute until it turns pinkish (about 1 minute)

  3. Add the spice powders (cumin, coriander and chilli) and saute for 30 seconds

  4. Remove in a bowl and cool

  5. Once cool, add salt, the chopped peppers, cucumber and cilantro. Mix well.

  6. Before eating, squeeze lemon and enjoy.

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