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Peanut Ladoo

No cook, Diabetic Friendly, Low Carb dessert

Peanut ladoo is traditionally made using peanuts and jaggery. This is a low-carb, no cook, diabetic friendly dessert that completely eliminates the jaggery. Nut butter and Tahini is used instead to bind this delicious dessert. And the best part, it is a no cook recipe!


Nutrition Information of Key Ingredients (WW points: 3 SP per serving)

*Note: Nutrition information may vary slightly. Nutritional information is negligible for all other ingredients


Serving size: 1 ladoo

Makes: 15 ladoos

Prep Time: 10 mins


  1. Roasted Peanuts - 1 cup

  2. Swerve / sweetener of choice - 1/2 cup or as required

  3. Tahini - 1/4 cup

  4. Nut butter of choice - 1/4 cup (we used peanut butter)

Method of preparation

  1. Add peanuts to a food processor or grinder and coarsely grind them.

  2. Add sweetener, tahini and nut butter and grind until it all comes together. The mixture should leave the food processor easily and you should be able to mold it easily.

  3. Scoop out a little amount of the mixture and roll it between your hands to form a ladoo.

  4. Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for upto 7 days.

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